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Plans Packages

Full blueprint sets are available for all home designs. Once you've decided on a design you want, order the plans package that best suits your needs. Prices and Policies are listed below, as well as a description of what's in each Blueprint Set.

  • 1-Set Study Package: A single set. Ideal for personal study and initial reviews. Single-set plans are marked Not For Construction.
  • 8-Set Construction Package: 8 sets of prints allow you to provide plans to the building departments, mortgage holder, subcontractors, and so on.
  • Additional Sets: Additional sets of your plans are available at a reduced price if they are ordered within 90 days of your original order.
  • Reproducible Master: One set of reproducible plans, which a qualified building designer, engineer, or builder can change and duplicate. Note, mirror reverse are not available as reproducible masters.
  • Electronic Master: An electronic version of the plan on CD. Professionals using compatible design software will be able to modify and reproduce plans.
  • Mirror Reverse Sets: All elements of the plan appear backwards, including text. When ordering plan sets, you may have any of the sets printed in mirror reverse (providing at least one set is right-reading) for a minimal fee.
  • Right Reading Reverse Sets: A full reverse of the plan with text reading correctly.

Custom Changes

Any plan may be modified to suit your wishes. Modifications may include reversing a plan, changing windows or doors, moving walls, or adding a basement or larger garage.

Custom Revisions: Do you have more substantial changes in mind? Customizing our stock home plans is a cost-effective way of creating your home design. An easy way to begin is by developing a list of changes, and/or sketching your changes on a copy of the plan, and sending them to us (mail, fax, or e-mail). A designer will then review your changes and respond with design suggestions, questions, and/or a revision fee quote.

Plan Revision Services: If you don't find the perfect design among our hundreds of stock plans, we also provide a full range of design services. If you are interested in any of the services listed below, please call, write, or email us.

Minimum Revisions: If you find one of our stock plans that's almost perfect, but you want to make modest revisions, we may be able to do this for our minimum revision fee. Examples would be:

  • moving an exterior gable-end wall out, thus enlarging a living room or master suite, for example
  • changing sizes and/or locations of doors and windows
  • enlarging the garage to hold an extra vehicle or more storage space
  • adding a basement to the plan (some plans already include a basement option)
  • making interior wall changes that do not affect the structural integrity of the home

These examples do not apply to every plan; please call with your specific revision request.

The minimum revision fee is based on the size of the home, and includes either an 8-set Builder Package of plans, or a 1-set Reproducible Master from which you can make duplicate sets of plans.

Plans Package Prices

Prices are based on the square footage of living space in the plan and the type of package you order.